Apple Computer Repairs

Have you been back to Apple to get your computer repaired and been amazed at the prices quoted?



While Apple make some great looking devices and offer a great all round customer experience (which is why Apple users rarely leave the brand), repairs are not part of their core business model. They will offer a repair but usually at a price that is greater than the value of the computer itself. The more cynical might say this is because they prefer to sell you a new computer rather than keep an existing one going…



This is where we can help out. We offer repairs for all types of Apple laptops and desktops at affordable prices covering things such as:

  • liquid damage
  • not turning on.
  • trackpad repair
  • keyboard replacement
  • overheating
  • upgrades
  • broken casing/hinges
  • logic board repairs
  • Screen replacement. See our Apple laptop screen replacement page.

Do We Replace iPhones & iPads?

We do but the problem is most people need their phone or tablet back the same day and we aren’t geared up for that sort of turnaround. Also, there are a lot of small shops that offer to repair these devices at ridicuously low prices that we can’t match. How do they do it? Using non-genuine parts and cutting corners is sometimes the case, so while there are some specialist repair companies out there who are geared up for fast turnarounds at low margins make sure you ask around before you entrust your device to them. If you want a quote for your iPad or iPhone contact us for a fast reply.