Desktop PC Problems

ServicePrice GuideMost work needs to be carried out at our premises rather than on-site due to the time repairs are likely to take.
Windows Problems£70.00Repairs on a no fix no fee basis
Virus Removal£60.00Maybe possible to remove infections remotely (see below).
Remote Troubleshooting£50.00On a no fix no fee basis for up to 2 hours work.
Power Problem£80.00 ApproxIf power supply unit or similar.
New MonitorFrom £100.00Includes installation. Price depends on type of monitor
Graphics CardFrom £80.00Includes installation. Depends on type of card needed
Hard Drive Replacement£60.00 ApproxCost of new drive plus cost of re-installation of Windows of £60.00 and data recovery. Data recovery cost varies according to damage. Straightforward recovery is included in the cost. More complicated work will be agreed beforehand.
Onsite Repairs£80.00For up to 2 1/2 hours work. Extra time charged at £10/20 mins.
Other ProblemsCallDepends on problem