Hard Drive Data Recovery

Software Data Recovery – Our Speciality

We use specialist software products for data recovery. These programs are very sophisticated and have a much higher chance of successful data recovery than generally available products.

Examples of the type of failures we work with are:

  • Logical Problems: Non physical issues such as Accidental deletion, accidental format, file corruption, software bugs, file system corruption, viruses and malware.
  • Media Damage: The drive has bad sectors which mean it either doesn’t load in Windows or everything runs very slow.


It is important that the right approach is taken with failing hard drives because often you only get one go. Unfortunately, in most cases the hard drive will already have been degraded while it was in the computer. Windows will try to correct any errors using built in tools like Chkdsk. This Windows program has its uses but it shouldn’t be used for data recovery

Windows will continue to try and access the hard drive which will degrade it further. If you have this problem switch the computer off as eventually the drive will be damaged beyond repair.


Recovering Data – Prices

We offer free evaluations and a NO FIX NO FEE guarantee.

Prices range from £60.00 to £150.00 depending on the severity of the damage and what can be recovered.

Physical Problems with the Drive

Physical faults require expensive equipment to put right and we work with a specialist data recovery company who do this type of work for us. Prices vary from £150 up to £500.00 depending on the extent of the damage to the drive.

Examples of hardware problems are..

  • Firmware Failure: Corruption or other problems with the software that controls the hard drive. This can usually be fixed by loading a new install of the required software but it involves expensive hardware.
  • Platter Damage: Physical damage to the platter(s) or disks inside the drive. Often this sort of damage will mean some or all of the data is permanently lost.
  • Head Damage: The read/write heads can be damaged by striking the spinning platters and is quite common. A donor drive is needed to swap the damaged parts out.
  • Motor Damage: The motor that powers the platters can fail meaning that nothing can be read or written to them. This is quite a rare occurrence.

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