Hard Drive Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery

If your data is easily copied from the storage media this will be covered by the price quoted. However, if you need professional  hard drive data recovery then call RecoveringMyData, our sister business to discuss what can be done to recover any important information that isn’t backed up.

Don’t Make Things Worse

Hard drive data recovery is a challenging and sometimes expensive process but there are no shortcuts if you really must have your data back. If you drive isn’t recognised by Windows then don’t keep trying to get it to work by running utilities like Microsoft’s Chkdsk which does a pretty good job of showing the status of the disk and with certain settings will attempt to correct errors on it. This is good when there is only minor corruption but if you are asked to scan the disk on a regular basis make sure you have backed up a copy of all your important data as the disk will only keep getting worse and eventually fail.

Free Data Recovery Software

Other things to avoid are running any of the many free so called data recovery products available as these are really only useful for getting back recently deleted files from an accidental format of the drive or emptying the recycle bin with useful info in it. These products can’t do serious data recovery work. Also, if you are scanning for deleted files make sure you don’t recover them to the drive you are scanning or there is a good chance the information you think you have found will be overwritten.

Are There Any Good Data Recovery Programs I Can Try Myself?

Probably the only reasonably priced product that we would recommend is GetDataBack from Runtime.com.We sometimes use it as it is good at what it does and causes minimum stress to the drive but it isn’t a tool that can be used on many recoveries. Professional hard drive data recovery businesses like RecovingMyData have invested in many thousands of pounds worth of equipment and have spent many hours learning how to use these tools to the full potential.

GetDataBack isn’t free (prices vary according to which version you need) but the most common version is GetDataBack for NTFS which is what nearly all Windows computers now use. This is available for around £50 – £60. However, it will only work if it can find a valid NTFS partition. If for some reason the partition is corrupted then it won’t see anything at all. Again, don’t recover to the disk you are trying to recover your data from and as a damaged drive can fail completely at anytime don’t try this if your data is very important.

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