Hard Drive Data Recovery

Common faults with both PC and laptop hard drives are:
  • Logical Problems: Non physical issues such as Accidental deletion, accidental format, file corruption, software bugs, file system corruption, viruses and malware.
  • Media Damage: The drive has bad sectors which mean it either doesn’t load in Windows or everything runs very slow.
  • Firmware Failure: Corruption or other problems with the software that controls the hard drive.
  • Platter Damage: Physical damage to the platter(s) or disks inside the drive. Often this sort of damage will mean some or all of the data is permanently lost.
  • Head Damage: The read/write heads can be damaged by striking the spinning platters.
  • Motor Damage: The motor that powers the platters can fail meaning that nothing can be read or written to them. This is quite a rare occurrence.

This is a simplified explanation of the various problems that can affect hard drives. Sometimes more than one problem will present and complicate matters. The most important thing from a data recovery viewpoint is to stop using the computer immediately as damage will only get worse over time and will ultimately result is total data loss.


Recovering Data

We offer a free evaluation service and if you don’t want to go ahead the only charge will be the return postage.

If we are not able to recover a significant amount of the data you require then the only charge will be the cost of the postage to return the drive.

With failing hard drives you sometimes only get one go to try and recovery data from it so it is important that the right approach is taken from the start. Unfortunately, in most cases the hard drive will already have been degraded while it was in your computer as Windows will try to mount it and correct errors using built in tools like Chkdsk. This will only make matters worse so if your computer has already tried this approach and Windows still hasn’t started correctly then don’t let it keep trying. Contact us for more information.