Hard Drive Data Recovery

We recommend RecoveringMyData. They have professional hard and software products to recover data that can’t be done using simple tools.

Don’t Make Things Worse

Hard drive data recovery is a challenging process and there are no shortcuts. If your drive isn’t recognised by Windows or if it makes unusual noises then stop using it. The disk will only degrade further and you will lost your data.

Free Data Recovery Software

Good for recovering accidentally deleted files or formatted drives but nothing else. These products can’t do serious data recovery work. In fact they will just make recovery less likely.

USB Memory Stick Data Recovery

USB memory sticks are generally cheap and not very robust. They are useful for moving data between devices but you don’t rely on them for data storage. Contact us for for a free estimate.

usb stick

This is an example of a usb stick where the plugin  had snapped off from the device. We were able to solder connections from the port to the board. However, it turned out the data track on the board was also damaged. We also had to solder another cable to the memory chip which enabled the successful recovery of the data.



USB Memory Stick Recovery Prices

Costs for usb memory stick data recovery start at around £80.00 . However, prices are more where the memory chip needs to be removed and analysed by specialist hardware.