Hard Drive Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery

RecoveringMyData  are the company we recommend for data recovery because they have many professional tools to recover your information that can’t be using simple tools.

Don’t Make Things Worse

Hard drive data recovery is a challenging process and there are no shortcuts. If your drive isn’t recognised by Windows then don’t keep trying to get it to work . This will make things worse and  eventually cause the disk to fail completely.

Free Data Recovery Software

These are only useful for getting back recently deleted files caused by something like the accidental format of the drive. These products can’t do serious data recovery work. In fact they will just make recovery less likely.

Are There Any Good Data Recovery Programs I Can Try Myself?

Probably the only reasonably priced product that we would recommend is GetDataBack. However, it isn’t a tool that you should use on badly damaged drives. Professional hard drive data recovery businesses like RecoveringMyData have invested in thousands of pounds worth of equipment.

You have to purchase GetDataBack and there isn’t a trial or a free version. Versions are available for Windows, Apple, etc. However, it will only work if it can find a valid partition. Given the cost and the steep learning curve it is probably cheaper for you to give to give RecoveringMyData a call.