Windows Problems

Typical Windows Problems:

Here are some examples of the typical Windows problems that we see.

  • Upgrading to a different version of Windows. Uusually cheaper than you think.
  • Virus or malware removal. See here for more details.
  • Fixing Windows updates. Becuase particularly with Major Windows 10 updates this is becoming more common.
  • Internet connection issues whether wireless or cabled.
  • Recovering lost data. As hard drive prices fall we seem to be seeing more failing hard drives*.
  • Speeding up a slow running computer. This is a very common problem with Windows, whatever the version.
  • Windows Reinstallation & Update.

* Take a look at our dedicted data recovery page HERE.


Remote Help

Many problems can be fixed remotely over the internet using our remote help software. This can be a cheaper and more convenient solution than an onsite visit or dropping your computer off to us.