Desktop PC Repairs

desktop pc's

Desktop PC Repairs for most makes and models. Here are the likely costs of various common problems. Please note that prices may vary depending on variations  in the job involved. For professional data recovery we recommend RecoveringMyData who have the tools and skills to get all kinds of lost files and folders back from damaged hard drives. Note:  See our Apple computer repairs page for iMac Computers.

You can contact us HERE on on 01923 549001 or mob 07904 803 895

ServicePrice GuideMost work needs to be carried out at our premises rather than on-site due to the time repairs are likely to take.
Windows Problems£70.00Repairs on a no fix no fee basis
Virus Removal£70.00Maybe possible to remove infections remotely (see below).
Remote Troubleshooting£50.00On a no fix no fee basis for up to 2 hours work.
Power Problem£80.00 ApproxIf power supply unit or similar.
New MonitorFrom £100.00Includes installation. Price depends on type of monitor
Graphics CardFrom £80.00Includes installation. Depends on type of card needed
Hard Drive Replacement£70.00Includes Windows and driver installation and copying user data over but not advanced data recovery. Plus cost of new hard drive.
Onsite Repairs£80.00For up to 2 1/2 hours work. Extra time charged at £10/20 mins.
Other ProblemsCallDepends on problem