Hard Drive Data Recovery

What I Do

Data Recovery from hard drives where the problem can be solved with specialist software. This equipment is not the cheap or free software that claims to recover your deleted files. These products are ok for recovering simple file deletion issues but won’t help with proper recoveries. We have a variety of products costing a lot of money that give us a good chance of getting your data back. Prices start from £80.00 for simple deletions to £200.00 for more difficult jobs, plus the cost of any media to recover the data to.

What I Don’t Do (but know a company that can..)

Where the hard drive needs to opened to replace damaged parts (usually read/write heads) we no longer do this in-house as it tends to be very expensive (around £500) and most of our customers do not want to pay these sort of prices. However, we work closely with a data recovery business that offers advanced data recovery who don’t charge for examining a drive before giving a quote. They also offer a very competitive collection and return service. Be aware that with this sort of recovery any attempt by someone without the skills and equipment is likely to make things worse and probably destroy the data for good. If you would like to find out more then contact us on 07904803895.

Don’t Make Things Worse

Hard drive data recovery is a challenging business and there are no shortcuts. If your drive isn’t recognised by Windows or if it makes unusual noises then stop using it. The disk will only degrade further and you will lose your data. If you do run a basic recovery program then never try to save recovered data to the drive that you are working on as you will end up overwriting any data and it will be lost forever. Don’t run Windows programs like Chkdsk as this will definitely degrade the disk further.

Free Or Cheap Data Recovery Software

Good for recovering accidentally deleted files or from recently formatted drives but nothing else. These products can’t do serious data recovery work. In fact they will just damage the disk further and make recovery less likely.

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