Laptop Screen Replacement

Prices and Turnaround Times

Windows laptop screen replacement costs usually fall in the £90 – £110 range. Turnaround time is normally a couple of days. To get an accurate quote please include as much information as possible, particularly make and model.

Long Warranty on  Laptop Screens

12 month parts and labour warranty on all our screen repairs and the only exception is physical damage to the screen. You are welcome to supply your own screen but in such cases we can only guarantee our work and not the screen.

Please note we don’t supply screens on their own.

Damage to Hinges and Screen Lid

If there is more damage than just a broken screen then you should take into account the extra cost of replacing parts such as one or both hinges, the screen lid, the screen bezel and sometimes the plastic base unit. Although most parts can be fairly easily sourced the cost plus the labour incurred may make the total repair price uneconomic, particularly on older machines. Some household insurance policies do cover laptop repairs so it may be possible to make a claim for accidental damage.

You can contact us here or call 07904803895 or 01923 549001 to arrange a repair.