Remote Computer Help

With our remote computer help utility all you need is a working broadband connection. We can solve a whole range of software issues without you having to drop your computer off to us. It’s fast, totally secure and only costs £50.00 for up to 2 hours work (less if it’s only a quick fix).

remote computer help

Our Remote Computer Help program uses 256 bit session encryption which means there is no danger of unauthorised access to your computer. It does away with the need to have to bring your computer to us or arrange an onsite visit.

Payment can be easily made (after the problem is fixed) via bank transfer or via Paypal on our website. You don’t even need to have your own paypal account. A guest one will take care of things but still brings the peace of mind that Paypal offers.

Remote Computer Help Can Be Used For:

  • Windows issues (slow running, occasional crashes) etc.
  • Configuring major Windows updates
  • Malware/Virus infections.
  • Software installation and driver updates.
  • Updating problems.
  • Hardware testing, particularly failing hard drives.
  • Simple file and folder recovery

If we can’t fix the problem using our remote help utility then there will be no charge.

Just click on the button below and it will start the setup process.

These remote troubleshooting programs set up a one-time secure connection between your computer and ours (using 256 bit session encryption) and only lasts as long as the connection is in progress. Once we have finished the session the connection is ended and neither us nor anybody else can access your computer.

Download UltraViewer

AroAdmin – Free Remote Desktop Softwar

If you want to know more before using our remote help then CONTACT US for more information.