Virus Removal

Adware –  Unwanted software designed to create advertisements on your screen, usually within a web browser. Usually “piggy back” in via genuine web links.

Spyware – A program that gathers information about a person or organization without their knowledge.

Ransomware – Type of malicious code that attempts to encrypt all your data, especially photos, documents, videos, etc and then offers to decrypt them for a price price.

Fake Security Software  

Designed to look like genuine antivirus products. They either add more infections to your computer or try to get you to buy them. AntiVirus 10 shown here, looks like a professional AV product and seems to offer all kinds of protection but none of them are genuine. All the infections it claims to find are fake and if you try to remove them using the product you will be asked to buy it.


Over the past few years probably the most dangerous software out there. While we are having some success in removing encryption from customers data having a backup of important data is by far the safest way of keeping things safe. Running a free anti ransomware product if one isn’t specifically included as part of your antivirus software is also a good idea. Most of the big AV providers have a free product you can download. Remember, although it’s fairly straightforward to remove the ransomware software it is not so easy to decrypt your data.

What We Can Do

We have many years experience in removing nearly all these infections, including the fake one described above.. We will remove 100% of malware and will advise on how to stay free of infections in the future.

Ransomeware is usually more complicated. Removing it is fairly straightforward but decrypting user data may be much more complicated.

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